Dafydd Iwan - Cana dy Gân

Dafydd Iwan - Cana dy Gân

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The songs of Dafydd Iwan have chronicled – in Welsh – the momentous changes that Wales has witnessed since the mid 60s. During that time, the Welsh language has been transformed from being an unofficial language with a turbulent past and a precarious future into a fully official language which is evident in education, the media, publishing and the arts, and used widely by many businesses and organizations, with a vibrant youth culture. And Wales has moved on from being virtually a region of England to be a nation with its own legislative assembly. The aspirations and the disappointments, the heartbreak and the jubilation of these great changes have been the stuff of Dafydd’s songs. But the future is still not certain, and the campaign goes on, as does the passionate theme of his songs, in tears and in joyous laughter.

  • Product ID : SAIN SCD 2675
  • Label: Sain
  • Genre: Pop a Roc
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2012

Track Listing

  1.   Mae'n wlad i mi
  2.   Can yr ysgol
  3.   Peintio'r byd yn wyrdd
  4.   Merch y mynydd
  5.   Pam fod eira'n wyn
  6.   Ciosg Talysarn
  7.   Yr hen, hen hiraeth
  8.   Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn
  9.   Symudwch y bobol
  10.   Esgair Llyn
  11.   Porth Madryn
  12.   Dos i ganu

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