Bryn Chamberlin - Y Goreuon / The Best Of

Bryn Chamberlin - Y Goreuon / The Best Of

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This is a collection of the best of Bryn Chamberlin, with the occasional new song. Since his early career as frontman for one of North Wales' biggest bands, The Anglesey Strangers, and up to the present day Bryn has sung and played successfully as an individual. In the nineties Bryn recorded two caset-albyms with Fflach, at their studio in Cardigan which included songs like 'Working Man', 'Myfanwy' and also 'Suzanne' which he wrote with Eric Starr. Bryn has an exceptional voice and is equally at home singing roc/country as well as ballads llike 'Field of Flowers', which is a song about the Hillsborough tragedy and the fans of Liverpool FC, which is sung in Welsh and English on this CD. The producer of the new songs is Tudur Morgan, co-working with Simon Gardner of Rockcliffe Studio, Llandudno where Bryn and his wife Connie live. Among the other tracks are 'Ceri Ann', 'Trwy y Niwl', 'Rhywun Arall Heno' and 'Liverpool in the Rain'. In the sixties the Strangers played in places like the Peppermint Lounge in Liverpool, and hopefully this new CD will win him even more followers.

Track Listing:

01 Ceri Ann 
02 Trwy y Niwl 
03 If Tomorrow Never Comes 
04 Working Man 
05 Rhywun Arall Heno 
06 Field of Flowers
07 Suzanne 
08 Llun ar y Mur 
09 Gobaith 
10 Myfanwy 
11 Liverpool in the Rain 
12 Cae yn Llawn o Flodau 
13 Chwarelwr 
14 Ceri Ann 

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