Hen Ieithoedd Diflanedig

Hen Ieithoedd Diflanedig

  • £7.95

ISBN: 9781911584209

Publication Date September 2018
Publisher: Cyhoeddiadau Barddas, Aberystwyth

Format: Paperback, 182x134 mm, 64 pages

Language: Welsh

A volume of poetry by Mihangel Morgan comprising a series of twenty poems which look at various languages that face extinction. The subject of each poem is the alleged last speaker of each minority language. Through the poet's imagination, we hear the voice of the peoples facing losing their indigenous languages and their standpoint towards each disappearing language.

Dolly Pentreath (Cernyweg) 
Tef-ffic Esens (Ubych) 
Ishi (Yana) 
Roscinda Nolasquez (Cupeno) 
Tuone Udaina (Dalmatieg) 
Fidelia Fielding (Mohegan-Pequot) 
Armand Lunel (Shuadit) 
Marie Smith Jones (Eyac) 
Asgwrn y Gynnen (Ayapaneco/Nuumte Oote) 
Big Bill Neidjie (Gaagudju) 
Viktors Bertholds (Lifonaeg) 
Shanawdithit (Beothuc) 
Walter Sutherland (Norn) 
William Rozario (Cochin indo-Portiwgaeg Creol) 
Eleanor Karran (Manaweg) 
Tommy Leece (Manaweg) 
Harry Boyde (Manaweg) 
John Kneen (Manaweg) 
Sage Kinvig (Manaweg) 
Ned Maddrell (Manaweg)