Mae'r Galon wrth y Llyw

Mae'r Galon wrth y Llyw

  • £10.99

Publication Date July 2016
Publisher: Honno, Aberystwyth
Edited by Rosanne Reeves, Heini Gruffudd
Format: Paperback, 186x123 mm, 240 pages
Language: English

We follow the passion and suffering, happiness and bitterness of the lives of Doris, Arthur and Sií¢n as important decisions have to be made, for better or for worse, which cause turmoil in the relationships between the characters of this novel.

Author Biography:
Kate Bosse-Griffiths (1910-1998) was brought up in Wittenberg, Germany. When the authorities were told that her mother was half Jewish Kate, who was by now PhD graduate, left Germany, and eventually, as a brilliant Egyptologist, arrived in Wales having mariies J. Gwyn Griffiths.

With her natural talent for languages she became a fluent Welsh speaker, started to write Welsh fiction and along with her husband, Pennar Davis, Rhydwen Williams and others founded the literary, philosophical club Clwb Cadwgan. Her first novel Anesmwyth Hoen, won the Llyfrau‰ۡó»r Dryw award in 1841, and her short story ‰ۡÌÝÌáY Bennod Olaf‰ۡó» won the Short Story competition at the National Eisteddfod in 1944 with Kate Roberts adjudicating.

She has published many other books, including yn Fy Chwaer Efa a StorÌÎÌüau Eraill (1944), Bwlch yn y Llen Haearn (1951), Trem ar Rwsia a Berlin (1962), Byd y Dyn Hysbys (1977) and Cariadau (1995).