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Siop Cwlwm

Ray Gravell - Tip Top

In 1988 Ray Gravell recorded songs for a cassette called Tip Top, and this is now released on CD. This CD is also a tribute to Ray, who was always very supportive of Fflach, he often said 'West is Best'! West Wales meant a lot to Ray and of course Llanelli Rugby Club. He had a habit of singing Dafydd Iwan songs, his favourite singer, to his fellow players. He possessed a strong singing voice and and this comes through on the recording, and it shows that Ray was truly enjoying himself. There are eleven songs which include Gêm y Bêl, Hei Pawb, Ein Breuddwydion Ni, Dafydd a Christy a Fi, Dos F'anwylyd, Fy Mhentre i and Bydded Goleuni. The producer of songs 1-10 was Geraint Davies, Ray's friend who worked with Fflach in preparing this CD.

01 Gêm Y Bêl
02 Hei Pawb
03 Pererin Ydwyf
04 Tyrd i Gerdded
05 Ein Breuddwydion Ni
06 Dafydd a Christy a Fi
07 Dos F'anwylyd
08 Tyrd i Ffwrdd
09 Fy Mhentre i
10 Bydded Goleuni
11 Y Fi a Mistar Urdd a'r Crysau Coch

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