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Sorela is an acapella folk trio featuring three sisters from Aberystwyth. They sing a bilingual, eclectic mix of traditional Welsh folk tunes, 90’s pop hits, 50’s classics and original works all in acapella. Sorela will release their debut album on Sain before Christmas which features a mix of original material and their own arrangements of traditional songs. Amongst the original material are compositions by Lisa for the first time, and all three girls have been busy creating arrangements for the songs.  
The artwork for the CD was created by Camilla Gittins, a cousin to the sisters, and daughter of the artist, Kathy Gittins. Camilla is based in Amsterdam working for Tommy Hillfiger.

Track Listing

  1.  Blode 
  2.  Heli 
  3.  Am Ba Hyd? 
  4.  Adar y Gwanwyn 
  5.  Fe Gerddaf Gyda Thi 
  6.  Hen Ferchetan 
  7.  Tra Bo Dau 
  8.  Nid Gofyn Pam 
  9.  Ar Lan y Môr 
  10.  Lleuad 
  11.  Tŷ ar y Mynydd 
  12.  Ni Allaf Wylo

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