Various - Y Ddau Lais

Various - Y Ddau Lais

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The popular appeal of two voices singing in harmony is evident in many cultures, but especially so in Welsh popular music. Often, the duet grows out of a family unit – sisters, brothers, father and son or mother and daughter – and sometimes, two solo artists come together for a one-off recording, but whatever the reason, when two voices find that they complement each other, it is very often a formula for popular success. From among the wide range of duets featured on this compilation album are some of the most successful names of Welsh pop – Tony ac Aloma, John ac Alun, and Rosalind a Myrddin have all featured on their own TV series. But all of them bring their own special brand of harmony singing to the stage. And this album we know will be well received by all followers of popular and country-style music.


Track Listing

  1.   Un Noson Arall - John ac Alun 
  2.   Rhywbeth yn Galw - 'Gary a Susan' (Bryn Fôn a Morfudd Hughes)
  3.   Mae d'eisiau di bob awr - Gwenda a Geinor 
  4.   Y Rhosyn - Gillian Elisa a Iona Myfyr 
  5.   Rhywbeth Syml - Mary Hopkin ac Edward 
  6.   Cofio o Hyd - Rosalind a Myrddin 
  7.   Cajun Jambylai - Dylan a Neil 
  8.   Gafael yn fy Llaw - Karen Owen 'Môn-heli' a Wil Tân 
  9.   Tân ar Hen Aelwyd - Broc Môr 
  10.   Penrhyn Llyˆn - John ac Alun 
  11.   Cerdded Dros y Mynydd - Iona ac Andy 
  12.   Rho dy Law - Rosalind a Myrddin 
  13.   Wedi Colli Rhywbeth sy’n Annwyl Tony ac Aloma 
  14.   Ble’r aeth yr Haul? - Huw Jones a Heather Jones 
  15.   Yr Hen Simdda Fawr - Aled a Reg 
  16.   Ti a dy Ddoniau - Ryan a Ronnie 
  17.   Hiraeth Haf - Vernon a Gwynfor 
  18.   Coedwig ar Dân - Enid ac Ivan 
  19.   Ffordd yw’r Goleuni - Tonig 
  20.   Cân i Ryan - Y Brodyr Gregory 

Genre: Country
Format: Album
Released: 2013

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