Welsh at Passchendaele 1917, The

Welsh at Passchendaele 1917, The

  • £14.99

ISBN: 9781784613747

Publication Date April 2017
Publisher: Y Lolfa, Tal-y-bont

Format: Paperback, 214x139 mm, 448 pages

Language: English

This detailed work brings together the personal experiences, poignant stories, vivid accounts and photographs of soldiers who fought at the Battle of Passchendaele (Third Battle of Ypres) which lasted from 31 July to 10 November 1917 in the battalions of the Welsh regiments and their supporting detachments, as well as those men of Welsh origin who served in other regiments. The word 'Passchendaele' has become a byword for the death and suffering of the Great War. A remorseless slog by Allied soldiers up towards the village itself, through mud, rain, cold, and dead bodies, it was the most horrific of battles. By the time the fighting in this sector paused on 10 November 1917, hundreds of thousands of men on both sides had been killed or wounded. The landscape was scarred and desolate, and the men who fought there and survived would never forget the experience.

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